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Our group is agreeable and amicable. We reliably convey good administrations to take special care of your electrical tagging in Melbourne. We guarantee negligible interruption, to keep your business moving along as planned. Our group plan occupations ahead of time, still we’re glad to give last- nanosecond adjusting.  

 We misbehave with all Work safe-deposit box morals and guidelines exploring the adventure to your association and our sloggers.  

 Keeping up with Electrical Equipment  

We test each RCD, electrical frame and machine. We also bring test and tag services for electronic resource registers and full attestation for each backing.   

 Guaranteeing School Safety  

We work late night, during a period that limits interruption to understudies.  

 Business Safety Testing  

Our quality testing and labelling administrations electrical tagging limit the adventure of electrical dears and shocks. Tony’s Test organise realistic aubergine for testing and labelling in Victoria. 

 Guaranteeing Hotel Appliances  

We guarantee the security of your donors and representatives with electrical testing and labelling for diggings. We’ll work during a test and tag services period that lessens interruptions. Tony’s Test and Label work with electrical accoutrements in Victoria.  

Re-Testing Reminders  

We’ll test each outfit needed, giving you’ll amicable updates. We guarantee you’re testing and labelling is stayed up with the rearmost, sticking to OH&S principles.  

 Microwave Leakage Testing  

 We use assiduity- grade tackle to wipe out microwave oven radiation spillage. 

Our Completely good platoon  

 All our staffs are fully good and set to deal with any electrical tagging prerequisites. Tony’s Test and Label dim machine gear- piece realistic in Victoria.  

 The Full Service  

 We fully test and label a large number of machines, 3- stage gear, and moping current widgets. 

 Our quotations  

 We give free, test and tag services, no-commitment quotations, guaranteeing an incitement for cash. Tony’s Test and Tag Gary realistic of an active bring in Victoria. 

 Our Accessible position  

 Our Box Hill North area makes it simple electrical tagging for you to carry your machines to us, or we can come to you.  

 Our Approach  

 Tony’s Test and Label orange totem and stripes for the point in Victoria. 

Our guests include  

  • Flexi glass  
  • Crayola  
  • Trademark  
  • Lexus  
  • A2 Milk  
  • Bunning’s Warehouse  
  • Limo Energy  
  • Domino’s Pizza  
  • RMIT  
  • Nuevo Group  

 Tony’s Test and markers give a full, broad test and tag services compass of value testing and labelling administrations. Our sloggers are fully suitable to support private, business, ultramodern and pastoral foundations.  We reliably exceed all prospects to guard your business. 

Fully Trained Team  

Tony’s Test and Label orange totem and stripes for the point in Victoria. Our staffs are fully suitable to test and label machines electrical tagging for seminaries, aubergine convenience, workrooms, workplaces, shops, and the sky is the limit from there. We trust in complete responsibility and obligation and are fully lined up with OH&S principles.  


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