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Excellent Option of Japanese grocery  

Get your hands on all the things you love for Japanese  cooking, including rice, noodles, sauces, curry pastes, sushi components, seafood, kitchenware, woks, herbal snacks, seasoning, specialized flour, canned products, kimchi, and a wide variety of spices. 

We are a family-run Japanese groceries based in Melbourne mart that offers specialty Japanese, Asian foods and beverages, vegetarian and vegan options, presents, Buddha statues, apparel, and much more to the local community. A wide range of Japanese groceries Melbourne, genuine Japanese ingredients, snacks, drinks, and other food-related products are available at KT Mart Mall.  




The KT Mart Mall seasoned Japanese groceries Melbourne shoppers will be amazed at the wide selection on the shelves, which is actually what makes it unique. KT Mart Mall supplies and ingredients, condiment aisles, countless numbers of frozen dumplings, popular Asian ice cream flavors, fresh vegetables and herbs, a sizable section of Korean and Japanese goods, and, most intriguingly, a variety of vacuum-packed snacks, including everything from chicken feet to duck necks. Additionally, there is a choice of more than 20 rice wines, shochu, and sake from China, Japan, and Korea to round out the diversity. You will require everything to prepare an Asian feast. 

We carry specialty Japanese ingredients that are sought after by both professional chefs and gourmet home cooks, in addition to staples from the Japanese pantry like mirin, soy sauce, and dashi. Our mission is to slow down, concentrate on what matters, and promote products that are slowly manufactured and sourced responsibly. 

We have a wide variety of products  

The largest selection of Japanese culinary items can be found at KT Mart Mall. You may be sure to find anything at KT Mart Mall, whether you need it for regular cooking, a fast snack, or a special occasion. When you come into our store, our helpful team will be delighted to help you. 

KT Mart Mall Australia strives to be top Japanese stores Melbourne. Visit our store to enjoy our welcoming service, or visit our online store to place an order from the comfort of your own home. They deliver all around Melbourne, whether you just need that one unique item or you’re ordering in bulk for your restaurant or store. You may get a large selection of distinctively high-quality Asian, Thai, and household goods at Japanese stores Melbourne, unlike anywhere else.  

You don’t need to be concerned about if your preferred brand is offered. You have the option of picking up your item in Japanese stores Melbourne or having it delivered to your door with our dependable home delivery service provided by Australia Post. Never before has it been this way. 

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