Pictures Are The Real Memories

Archibaldo Ozuna 
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What is that one thing that everyone wants to control but still nobody got even close to it? Even the idea of controlling it is a fantasy and is even shown in fiction movies. Weather could have been the answer if this question was asked few years back because now even weather can be changed or controlled and the perfect example for this is Dubai. However,

 the answer to this question is time. Time is the one major thing that humans are trying to control but still cannot get their hands on it.

Pictures as the last hope:

When the word time comes to mind people usually think of their past, about all the happy moments and the mistakes they made in their past and this is because time never comes back and there is no control over time. The only thing that let us take something from time are pictures. The first ever picture was taken in the 80s and since then the trend started to take pictures. Later on, the trend continued and by now there are professional photographers and multiple types of photography like Sydney photography, family photography, wedding photography, event photography and many moreand without them the events are considered to be incomplete. Since nobody can go back in time the only thing people are left with are pictures to remember their happy moments and relive those moments with their loved ones. The most important pictures are of family and now professional photographers are hired to do family photography. In these past few years since the spread of covid-19 billions of people died and millions of people lost their loved one due to the virus and the only thing they are left with are the pictures and photographs of their loved ones.

Advantages of photography:

Pictures have always been emotionally close to people’s heart. In lot of families, family photography has been a tradition and they even have pictures of their ancestors so it gets a lot easy to know about the family tree and its past roots. Parents that die in early age of their children leave them with pictures to remember so when the kids get older, they know about their parents.

About photography:

There are now numerous photographer in sydney since the field got very hyped up with so much demand and good scope. With a lot of people working in same field the prices vary a lot depending on the photographer for example family photography costs from $300 to $3000 depending on the time and photographer. Best and the most memorable pictures are of travelling as the background, light and angle matters a lot in pictures. Sydney photography ranks in the top most photography’s in the world. The plus point here is that it is quite cheap just starting from $99 but also has a very high that goes to around $5000. The best places for Sydney photography are strand arcade, lookout reserve, angel place, George street, Cahill walkway and many more. Before hiring a photographer always look at reviews and select the place of choice for best and satisfying results.

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